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Negotiation Boot Camps

Project status: active

NTF involvement: organizer (since 2019)

Description: NTF Boot Camps train up to 30 mid-career professionals in essential negotiation skills and contemporary conflict in the Eurasian sphere in 1- to 5-day workshops. Past NTF boot camps took place at the Middlebury Institute at Monterey, Oxford University, Columbia University, and the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. -- "The Negotiation Boot Camp was an incredibly useful and rewarding experience. The sessions offered a realistic glimpse at how international agreements are brokered, or fall through, challenging participants to think carefully about viable solutions to complex real-world problems while managing pressing time constraints. Even for those of us not regularly tasked with high-stakes negotiations, the principles and skills taught are highly applicable in everyday life, and I am delighted to have had the opportunity to participate in these exercises." —John C. Stanko, MSSR Negotiation Boot Camp, 2021 participant; Ph.D. Student, Indiana University

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