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M&A Negotiation Training

Project status: active

NTF involvement: creator and host organization (since 2019)

Description: “The Eurasia Deal: Dealmaking in Complex Environments” is a 3-day, advanced Executive Education program developed by the Negotiation Task Force (NTF) to train corporate leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs in M&A negotiation and complex dealmaking skills. The intensive program features an immersive multiparty negotiation exercise in which up to 90 participants take on the roles of executives, lawyers, and other officials in five competing companies negotiating a Merger & Acquisition Agreement. The scenario simulates the real-world dynamics and complexities of competitive bidding, dealmaking, and negotiation processes in Eurasia’s difficult geopolitical terrain. Geared towards experienced mid-level and senior industry leaders who seek to push their dealmaking skills to the next level, the "Dealmaking" program is uniquely suited to train participants in advanced multi-party negotiation, leadership, and decision-making concepts.

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