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Immersive Training

Project status: active

NTF involvement: creator (through NDS LLC since 2017; since 2019 through the NTF)

Description: Recognizing the evolving complexity of today's world, we have pioneered the use of systemic multiconstituency exercises (SMCEs) as a groundbreaking training tool for political, military, and corporate leaders. Our SMCEs go beyond traditional training methods, immersing learners in context-rich, simulated universes characterized by uncanny realism, thereby creating dynamic and highly realistic learning environments. This design facilitates the creation of negotiation complexity challenges, including the introduction of "cognitive maelstroms," nested negotiation networks, and cascading decision effects, all within a simulated exercise context. With a focus on developing network thinking skills in complex negotiations, our SMCEs stand as a unique and effective immersive training platform.

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